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NCIS season 10 ; Tony and Ziva

I’m talking about the new us here, Ziva, you know, the post elevator us, the open book, baring our souls, telling each other all kinds of personal stuff.

with all the horrible things happening in Israel I’m surprised no one wrote a fanfiction yet.

Out for a run - still too hot - No one around D:

Making raviole with nonna #yum #notthepasta #baking #jam

But whatever happens, please people never stop writing fan fictions

Anonymous asked: I think it's rather interesting what a hardcore Tiva fan you are? were? and it's just a snap for you to be okay with Tony moving on. Or that you feel the necessity to act like it. Like, seriously. What's okay about this situation? Tony falls madly in love w/someone he just magically moves on from in a year? And it took like 10 yrs for Wendy? Do me a favor & pretend this isn't Cote we're talking about. Let's pretend Ziva's in a coma. Still okay?

A snap?? If you would read my answers better you would realize how not okay and conflicted I am with this. And yes I still AM a Tiva fan. No one said anything about moving on by the way, those are words I always had issues with and therefore I never used. Maybe moving forward but not even that.


read it on the AO3 at


T/Z, post-11x02. “You will tell yourself: we don’t know if we will ever hear from her again. You will tell yourself: let it go. You will tell yourself: I can’t.” Tony-centric grappling with a Ziva-less year— and the truth behind the adage,…

@everthehero said: i think they work 16 hrs? they have super rough hours

oh sorry, I meant fans that are there 24hrs a day waiting to see the actors.. Isn’t it a little bit too much? idk.

are people on the OUAT set 24 hrs a day every single day? poor them