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Anonymous asked: Hi! Here is a loyal reader of your blog XD I have a question for you... Have you noticed that in the press of the episode 11.23 they didn't write the names of the guest?? I think this is so strange bc in every press they wrote the names of the guest star... What do you think? They did it on purpose or it's only a mistake? Thanks :) kiss

hellooo - ah it happened many times before - no clue why though

Anonymous asked: Um, the press release for The Admiral's Daughter says Paris, not Marseille...

I saw - France is big you know - Marseille is there for sure since even Chris and Steve tweeted pics about it - I don’t know every detail so yeah..

fangirl challenge: [4/10] male characters

↪ anakin skywalker

megsteedle: Pretending to be cool. With the actually cool #MichaelWeatherly. #NCIS

@paperclipninja said: Amanda?! Have I missed a press release or something?

nono don’t worry and she’s just the Admiral’s daughter

Tony should just stay in Marseille

So, last night I dreamed many stuff but the best was seeing Tony telling Luke ( Gilmore girls ) “ least you got to do that with Lorelai - you know what I did with Ziva? NOTHING basically”  — he was venting ahah wtf my brain.

Tony DiNozzo ⇉ Guilt.

↪ ”You can’t put that kinda weight on yourself. Because if you keep piling it on, one day… You can’t move… Take it from me. I carry a lot. Every day.”


 Our entire cast and crew of starting our last episode of Season 11! You’re welcome! :)

@stonehearting said: literally my first thought ‘I CAN HUG MATTHEW AGAIN’ ahah this is great!

IKNOWRIGHT he’s so amazing ahaha <3