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Anonymous asked: S12 Trailer should be up soon or am I wrong


I would love anyNCISspoilers you might have. —Laura
It’s been a while since we checked in with SecNav Sarah Porter, no? Fear not: Leslie Hope will reprise her role in an episode slated to air in mid-October (the same episode that will introduce Stephanie Jacobsen as DiNozzo’s new love interest). The episode, appropriately titled “Choke Hold,” finds the team investigating the bizarre strangling of a Navy research scientist. Hmm, sounds like the kind of case SecNav can really get her hands around!

Michael Weatherly - CBS Watch Magazine ( June/August 2014 issue )
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The only moment from tonight’s Emmys that matters. 

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Mark Harmon net interview for Telestart. Talks about the direction after Cote left, NCIS New Orleans, Number one show and more.


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