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Anonymous asked: You're an idiot if you think it's only one person who's pissed off at your behavior, and you're an idiot if you think what you say on the web doesn't leak to the people you piss on. Also, most of them know how to use IP cloaking by now.

I know I pissed/piss many people off on both sides of this “fandom” don’t worry. But not everyone use the anon proxy. The thing is what I say on the web it’s here and on twitter and that’s it, unless you have me on fb. So apart from what’s here or there there’s nothing else around. Unless people stalk me also at the italian forum and translate stuff there ( I wouldn’t be surprised ) but there’s nothing to see there too. So.

Anonymous asked: You say you probably would've watched even if Michael left. Let me ask this: would you still have watched if it were Tony who was left behind a broken mess, only to have the team never mention his name again? Act like he never existed? Would you watch Ziva move on from a man who went on a suicide mission to avenge her death? What about after his Mighty Mouse stapler disappeared from the lab? People don't take kindly to being repeatedly slapped in the face and I bet you would feel the same way.

I would have been angry yes for sure but I just couldn’t just stop watching the show, I don’t know what else to tell you I feel too loyal to it, there are too many factors. And just so you know, I said this many times and people seem not to get that, I’m not HAPPY on how things went on the show or on how some things were written ( or better not written ), It bothers me DEEPLY that no one talks/talked about Ziva and it bothered me deeply how they made some of the characters act over that. I said this before. She was one of my fav characters too. Everyone always seem to forget that just cause Tony was always first in my list.

Anon I’m not gonna publish you again cause you’re just one of the usual people saying the same random things over and over - but just so you know the only forum I write into is the Italian one, so I don’t know where this new rumor came from.

Edit: lol okay you keep going - I want proof of what you’re saying cause I really do not write in any other forum.

Anonymous asked: You always criticize ppl bc they stopped watching the show after Cote's departure. But be honest you would have done the same if Michael left instead of Cote.

I wanted to ignore this, but I feel like answering. I firmly believe that I’d keep following both him and the show - I’d probably feel overly sad and bitter ( like I do now over the situation ) but I doubt I’d stop watching. It’s a big part of my life ( for many reasons ) and it’s one of the few shows that I watch every week also with my mom when it airs here in Italy, and we like to comment on it. It became a routine. So yeah. Probably I’m too loyal, who knows..

p.s. Why always the same anons from the same places saying the same things? Lack of originality I guess.

the OTH cast reunion in Paris though


This is one of the most accurate things I have ever seen.

I ran 10 km today! AH! I’m so happy cause I didn’t have any pain ( I couldn’t run for almost a month cause I hurt my leg at the end of August )


Imagine your OTP having a long-awaited reunion after not seeing each other for several years.

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