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'NCIS': Behind the scenes of Tony's apartment — EXCLUSIVE

Tony DiNozzo’s apartment made it’s debut on tonight’s episode of NCIS, and it was quite the classy place for a guy who once prided himself on his frat boy-like behavior.

But as star Michael Weatherly and executive producer Mark Horowitz explain in this exclusive look behind the scenes, a lot of thought went into making Tony’s humble abode and every detail had a purpose and a message. “You might think he has movie posters and is a slob, but what we come to learn as we open the door is that he has quite an elegant apartment. It’s rather beautiful with some well-selected — but maybe not particularly expensive — pieces of furniture. And it’s rather neat,” says Horowitz. “It’s a beautiful space. Everyone who walked on that set after it was built and furnished said they’d move in there in a minute.”

Weatherly echos the compliments, adding: “Production really put their thinking caps on with this one…I think there’s something great about DiNozzi going back to this apartment that’s waiting for a family, and yet, he’s making it impossible for himself to do that. The apartment is kind of like Tony himself; it has all this potential, but then it just stops short of the mark.”

For a deeper look inside Tony’s home, read on!

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