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'The have a special thank you shout out to the fans for making #NCIS the most watched drama in the world’

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@PauleyP: Had an #NCIS very happy @M_Weatherly and @RockyCOfficial birthday today!

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and Happy birthday to Michael and Rocky <3

Sean Murray: “The perfect woman for DiNozzo – I don‟t know if anyone is more perfect for DiNozzo than DiNozzo. I think a lot of alone time is what that character may need.”

Brian Dietzen: “Well, I think it‟s got to be someone who is much more action-packed because he can be somewhat sloth-like, so you need to offset that a little bit. Someone who will not simply roll their eyes all the time at all of his lame jokes, although I‟ve go to say that I think the character of DiNozzo is going for the eye-roll here and there because he likes being the class clown. But certainly someone who‟s got a big sense of humor. Jimmy and Tony have had a secret friendship for some time now and it‟s somewhat of a shame-friend thing for Tony. He doesn‟t want anyone to know that he is friends with the Autopsy gremlin, but he is and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Jimmy laughs at his jokes a lot and I think that makes him feel good. So I think it‟s someone who‟s got to have a good sense of humor, who is always up for a good party and I think it‟s someone who like I said doesn‟t sit around too much. So there is that perfect lady out there for him somewhere and I don‟t know if he‟ll ever find it because if you do, he might just get really fat and happy and not be the same funny DiNozzo we once knew, who knows.”

Pauley Perrette: “It‟s so interesting on our show because for the longest time, it was like not a single character on our show had any functional relationship with anyone, except for Director Vance, Rocky Carroll‟s character, which then of course they shot his wife. So now the only person with a relationship that was over, and then Jimmy Palmer now has Breena and now we have exactly one functional relationship on the show. And McGee with Delilah, which was looking promising, but now that‟s all going away. I don‟t think DiNozzo will ever, I don‟t know. He will be an old man before he settles down.”

Emily Wickersham: “Tony, that character, I mean, he is so fun. He is so smart and so spunky and so loveable. I feel like he needs someone equally as awesome.”

Rocky Carroll: “What I would love to see if I was just a fan, for one minute to remove myself, I think Tony‟s character will be hit by the thunderbolt, sort of if I could use the term that they used for Al Pacino in „The Godfather,‟ he was hit by the thunderbolt when he meets the woman. That the next woman is not some woman – that Tony‟s old charm and everything that‟s worked in the past suddenly all kind of goes out the window and that she holds all the cards. It‟s somebody that – and I think at this point because we‟ve watched this character, although he still makes us laugh and we still kind of enjoy his antics, these characters have grown. These characters have matured. He has had his own personal ups and downs and with the loss of Ziva. So, I hope that the next relationship, the next woman in his life is something that just sort of knocks him off his feet. And that‟s my sort of – if I could open the suggestion box and drop a little something in there, that would be mine.”