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People asked, so I uploaded some more photos of Nathan Fillion in Monte Carlo HERE

So at the beginning of this video you can see me and my friends sitting on the floor. lol
This is how you live the MC Tv Festival.
I was tweeting this: while dying under the sun.
We’re famous ahaha
Oh hey I’m also at 0.16

Nathan Fillion - 52° Monte Carlo Television Festival - 25 photos by me HERE

And this human. Chad Michael Murray. ngh.

I also love this photo I took of Joseph Morgan ahah his face. adorable.

I love this photo I took of Lana Parrilla :)

Kirsten Vangsness coming out of the hotel to take pics and sign autographs - epic moment. I told her to say hi to the camera ahahah. At the beginning of the video we were commenting the CBS Watch Magazine photoshoot.

Just in case someone is waiting for them..

Jaaaack Coleman!

Ehh forgot this one too ahah