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New running headband btw #picfromyesterday — got also the matching shirt #random #decathlon

New giveaway!

Actually nothing “new” but I’m giving away both the Cast&Crew photos you see up there ( Season 9 and Season 10 ) to 2 people ( both winners will get both photos ).

Same rules as always:

  • Reblog to have a chance to win it.
  • I will count the reblogs not the likes. ( one is enough you don’t have to follow me or anything. )
  • I’m shipping everywhere.
  • Your ask box must be open or I will have no idea how to contact you.
  • I’ll pick the winners randomly.

The giveaway will end on September 1st :)

More of the amazing people I got to meet this year in Monte Carlo

We met two guys from LA that are staying here in MC and one kept going on how he knows Michael and stuff ahahah we find a way to talk about Michael even with strangers

but the thing that makes me laugh the most on the NCIS fb page is when actors themselves answer to things and people don’t even realize that cause they’re too busy repeating the same things over and over ahaha

Can the ‘six word stories’ become prompts for actual one shots?

I also can’t help but be terribly depressed looking at all those fandoms happy for their ships.
( and I have other ships too..of course, but it’s different )

and then I think I will change one of my sidebar gifs soon cause I can’t look at that Michael/Cote gif anymore especially since that was basically one year ago exactly and we were all happy and still okay and ugh..

and tomorrow I’ll be a crying mess with the finale of NCIS, not just for Jackson dying ( which will be terribly sad ) , but cause this season will be over and that will make me think how much we’ve suffered with all that we’ve been through - fandom/show speaking - during this past year/season.

Next The Netherlands I like this song A LOT - on my Ipod already. they remind me of The Civil Wars.

I like that they made Vance the one telling Gibbs about Jackson passing
I also want to see him telling Tony not to call Gibbs

I like Vance a lot lately