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Someone just asked me what’s on the walls behind the team desks and while I was answering I checked again the pics I took last year on set and I forgot some of the non-sense in there ahah but there are also cute pics and sticky notes with lines written on them here and there. I should post the pics.

Did I ever tell you I opened Tony’s desk drawers too? Snooping around much? Good memories lol

the scene in the restroom in Once a Crook still makes me feel worse than PPF.

i’m on the couch hugging a pillow watching PPF and suffering

next week on Thursday I’m gonna have a crisis and probably die with feels cause I have the Boyce Avenue concert in Milan with also Nick Howard and Hannah Trigwell - If you follow or are a fan of these people on YT you know who/what I’m talking about.

you know when you have to put up a sober background on your laptop every time you have to meet with a client?

I know things change from audition scripts to the actual thing , but Agent LaSalle and Brody seem interesting

And I’m still not 100% liking Gibbs this season by the way.

do you ever just find yourself in tears while looking at a gifset?

I hate when it happens.

Btw I have issues every time I see Vance house. How can he even still live in it actually? I couldn’t. 

I wanted Ziva to meet Delilah. sigh.