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So basically Michael shops at the grocery store by my house and I had no idea. Unmm a mission shall be head (goal: picture with Michael Weatherly asap)

don’t let us down

when I was in LA I took the bus there to go to The Grove and while sitting there melting in the sun I was like wait I know this place .. why do I know this place? - then I realized ahaha

i do not like that thing in the new opening with the random squares and scenes btw

I’m (re)watching S11 on tv here and I just saw Dr. Cranston talking to Ellie about THE desk and the two previous agents and out of nowhere I started crying. I hate when this happens.

memories - I can’t find this promo anymore and I only have this screenshot - I just love it.

|| Michael Weatherly . S11 Promo photos

but do you remember the whoaamyninja blog ran by heartwarming/heartwarm-ed and the zivaziver one? One is gone and the other was updated the last time 2 years ago. two years. gosh.

|| NCIS S11 cast promo photos
( in better quality asap )



More than just Partners || Tiva [25-26|100]

Safe Harbor (NCIS 09x05) 

AU in which Tony just found out about the baby this morning and he’s worried about Ziva in the field. And even though she finds it adorable how worried he is about her, shes mildly annoyed. 

there was a fanfiction like that when this ep still first came out I remember that clearly

New running headband btw #picfromyesterday — got also the matching shirt #random #decathlon

New giveaway!

Actually nothing “new” but I’m giving away both the Cast&Crew photos you see up there ( Season 9 and Season 10 ) to 2 people ( both winners will get both photos ).

Same rules as always:

  • Reblog to have a chance to win it.
  • I will count the reblogs not the likes. ( one is enough you don’t have to follow me or anything. )
  • I’m shipping everywhere.
  • Your ask box must be open or I will have no idea how to contact you.
  • I’ll pick the winners randomly.

The giveaway will end on September 1st :)

EDIT: This giveaway is over!