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Michael Weatherly - Under the Sun (tiva version - 11x01, 11x02)

I also want to take this opportunity to say happy birthday to one of my best friends Alice. 
Happy (early) birthday! And merry Christmas :)

I’m not crying I’m not crying


it’s just

Tony and Ziva love each other in this all consuming, world altering, intensely passionate way

that completely steals my breath away

// 10x12 "Shiva"

She’s dead. My wife is dead.

screencap meme: NCIS + My Emotion [Ziva] (requested by ziiver)

“Your sins are too great.”

Multifandom | Staring At It [ALI’S BIRTHDAY COLLAB] Please Watch In HD

So there is this person called Alice. She is probably one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I thought she deserved something from great people who also love her to bits. She does a lot for the NCIS fandom and we are forever greatful for everything. But not just that you give us stuff, you are just such a wonderful person to talk to and loverly and kind and and just no words for you! So here is our collab to wish the AMAZING WONDERFUL Ali a happy birthday!!!
We love you lots! xxx
Her tumblr  go and wish her a happy birthday :D
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I’m still sobbing over this so amazing girls i can’t seriously thank you. oh my. I love you.

[NCIS] Holding on and Letting Go

*sobbing* beautiful.


NCIS // For All Lovers Please Watch In HD

“…I guess.”

For my wife.