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why you are all reblogging again my 7x01/11x02 parallel gifset. stop. sob.


Imagine your OTP having a long-awaited reunion after not seeing each other for several years.


Omg that photo of Tony in a tux made my heart leap out of my chest because the absolute first thought that popped into my head was Ziva walking into the bullpen a minute later dressed in a beautiful dress, the two of them a bit speechless when they see the other, before Tony just says ‘ready?’ and…

I did the same and I have an AU gifset in mind if I can figure it out ahah

I swear today is one of those days where I want to make like 20 gifsets and I have 1000 ideas but of course I’m at work.

@thorilyhammered said: I think it’s because there was so much unexplored potential that should’ve been explored or dealt with. A lot could’ve been done even with Ziva offscreen. (Mentions of her and Skype convos, weekend trips to visit her, tony bringing back souvenirs).

Yes but people sometimes seems to forget what was actually explored when they were there, and how much we had anyway. I’m not saying that I liked or agreed with how some things were dealt with ( or not ) , but we had SO MUCH and sometimes I feel people don’t realize that, cause they’re too busy complaining about what we didn’t get, just cause they wanted more and more and more.
I’m talking in general here, not about how things were handled at the end, i’m talking about the past Seasons. I’ve always been in that part of the fandom that was happy even with a tiny scene, or a tiny interaction.

About the offscreen part, that’s another story, and that bothered me a lot  too yes. 

I swear, I’m so tired every time to see people complain on how Deeks and Kensi “are getting everything” - Did you forget how MANY amazing scenes we had with Tony and Ziva? People complain like we never got anything..are you for real? Yes Tony and Ziva were never actually together but we had A LOT of epic moments. ( from hand holding, to her crying on his shoulder, to dancing, I could go ON and ON ) -  I get you’re frustrated cause Densi is still there and Tiva is not but please..

Edit cause I saw another post: I agree on the fact that we didn’t see enough of “post Somalia” recovery or barely , but to me what we got, even if not a lot, was enough, I decided for myself that it was enough and I enjoyed it..

..and to go back to the rest, many people in this fandom were always so busy wanting MORE and MORE that they never fully enjoyed what we were getting, and I can’t believe even now that we don’t have Tony and Ziva anymore some are still acting like that.

Now that we have nothing you should just wish we could go back in time just to enjoy those little moments you thought were pointless back then cause you were too busy whining over wanting more stuff.


sorry I just needed to vent.

This is not directed to anyone on particular, I’m just tired of reading the same posts in the Tiva tag every single time NCIS LA is on.


sometimes i feel genuine nostalgia for the days the tiva fandom thought ray cruz was our biggest problem

"So, tell me about Ziva."

|| AU in which …they’re just happy, married and with a little girl.
Ps. ( I know someone made a manip already with one of these photos but the whole set appeared on my dash again and I just had a rush of feels )

"She watches him lace their fingers together, and she is brought back to that April night just after returning from Berlin, when he stopped his car in the middle of the road and looked at her like she was the eighth wonder of the world."

Of Plenty, chapter 3; Strawberry Shortcake123 (x)