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are you reading the fic “Stay with me” ?
Cause really. TEARS.

Don’t worry, I will protect her. When no one notices me, only she notices my strengths. The only thing I can repay her with is to always keep my shoulder free for her.
Just you


never forget

oh my god no don’t.


NCIS season 10 ; Tony and Ziva

I’m talking about the new us here, Ziva, you know, the post elevator us, the open book, baring our souls, telling each other all kinds of personal stuff.

But whatever happens, please people never stop writing fan fictions


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T/Z, post-11x02. “You will tell yourself: we don’t know if we will ever hear from her again. You will tell yourself: let it go. You will tell yourself: I can’t.” Tony-centric grappling with a Ziva-less year— and the truth behind the adage,…


Careful, Tony. Your Michael Weatherly is showing.

god help their children


Tony and Ziva
↳communication Because in reality, they cannot just walk away. 

She needs to come to grips with the woman she has become on her own before she can return to him and their future. 

My never ending thanks to the lovely Nicole for playing the role of Ziva and my unwavering sounding board. 


"She peered down at the half-smudged numbers on her hand" 

Thump thump thump

The bass reverberated through her body, matching the beat of her heart. 

Thump thump thump

The gyrating bodies all around her were feeling the beat in a very different part of them, pulsing with every new melody that poured through the speakers of the club.  She stood near the bar, her companions somewhere close by, she hoped.  The girls, far younger than she, were working on the same mission project she was, and had somehow convinced her to abandon what they dubbed her ‘nun-like’ lifestyle for just a little while, and to come out with them in Tel Aviv.  She’d rolled her eyes and laughed, claiming that she was far too old to be accompanying them to a club, but after a lot of insistence  Ziva please? It’ll be so much fun, yeah you never come out with us and you could use a night to get loose, not like slutty loose but like fun loose. I mean I guess you could get slutty loose if you wanted…  She’d finally agreed.  And then came the preparation.  It had been quite some time since she had gotten ready for a night out with other people, but her bunk mates insisted, this was the way it had to be done. Oh no, you can’t wear that, wear this.  It’ll look so good on you.  My boobs are always falling out of it, so I think it’ll fit you just fine.  She shook her head.  The top she wore left little to the imagination, and though at one point in her life she would have relished in the attention it was bringing her, she was about five minutes from ripping off the arm of the next man who dared grab her ass without her consent. 

 She brushed against several too-sweaty bodies as she turned around, looking for her companions, who had seemingly disappeared. She sighed, shaking her head. She knew she should have stayed behind.   The silk of her top felt foreign against her skin, the shiny material quite opposite of the soft linens and cotton she’d grown accustomed to.  The music was too loud and her jeans were too tight, and this world, the world she once enjoyed and relished in was merely a ghost of a memory, and this new one forcefully thrust upon her against her will.  Or, not completely against her will, she did agree to this debacle.  She ran a hand through her hair, tossing it gently to one side, the short ends disobeying and falling back into place anyway.  She sighed.  Maybe she could just slip out unnoticed.  As she took a step, she was squished between three people whom she did not know, or care to know.  She frowned.  Doubtful.  

As she attempted  to slide closer to the exit of the bar, she felt a hand grace her lower back.  Scowling at the person who dared touch her she whipped around to face them.

Her eyes grew wide in shock, and she let out a small gasp, breathing the name she dared not speak for far too long. 

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