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Okay, I know that one thing this fandom does have are good morning, wake-up-slow drabbles, but I still think that these photos ought to inspire a series of more of them.

but if you loved me

                         w h y ’ d   y o u   l e a v e   m e ?



don’t worry I won’t


It started as a drabble, I swear. But then it became a 9 page drabble without really any plot so I DON’T EVEN KNOW I BLAME THE WINE. Will post on tomorrow when I’m sober and can make sure it doesn’t have a thousand typos. And actually makes sense.

“All right! Here we go! Fresh paint, hot off the paint-shaker thing!”

Ziva paused, caulk gun in hand, and turned to the door.  Tony picked his way across the canvas-covered floor, stepping over idle brushes and trays, to plunk two gallons of paint on the floor. Without waiting for a response from her, he snapped open one can with a screwdriver from his back pocket.

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"She seems to be fitting in well"


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MUSE - Starlight 
Hold you in my arms.
I just wanted to hold you in my arms.

hello and goodbye.